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Share the gospel through the birth of Jesus

If there’s one thing that happens when people gather at Christmas – it’s telling stories. 

Your dad tells a fishing story, your siblings share a story that was meant to be a secret, or your mum tells the story about your birth. Storytelling is something that brings people together. Christmas is a unique and meaningful opportunity to share the gospel as we remember and celebrate the story of Jesus’s birth. It’s obviously the most important and central but it can easily get lost among family gatherings, parties, and present-giving.

So, exactly what is this story, and how do you integrate it into your Christmas this year?

There are 4 core tenets that make up the gospel story:

  1. Birth of Jesus
  2. Life of Jesus
  3. Death of Jesus
  4. Resurrection of Jesus

Most people tend to share the gospel focusing on the life, death, or resurrection of Jesus.

Those are good, but what about the birth of Jesus?

So, here are 3 ways to share the gospel through the birth of Jesus!

The Incarnation

“God is with me”

One of the miracles of Jesus’s birth is that God became incarnate–” the word became flesh,” says the apostle John. Our God knows what it means to be human–to be hurt, to be happy, to be tempted, to be alone, to be a friend, a child. He’s well acquainted with our pain and our struggles (Hebrews 4:15, 1 Corinthians 10:13).

So, if you want to share the gospel through the birth of Jesus this Christmas, share about something you struggled with this year, and highlight the fact that even though it was hard, Jesus was with you through it all.

Son Of Man

“Jesus knows me”

Another miracle about Jesus’s birth is that Jesus came. Jesus didn’t despise being made human. He didn’t despise the mess of sin and brokenness and spiritual, physical, or emotional sickness. He came down! He was born! “He stooped to conquer,” as philosopher Peter Kreeft says. Try sharing a story of a moment this year when you felt ‘known’ by God, even though things didn’t go as you planned. 

Son Of God

“I’m part of a fam”

The final miracle of the birth of Jesus that we want to share with you today is this: Jesus offered us the Father. In other words, in being born, Jesus (the Son of God) offered us all adoption to become children of the Heaven Father (John 6:38-40). This is perhaps the greatest gift that Jesus offers us–our access to our Father.

You could share that culture can often make us feel like we have to earn our place to gain respect and validation–that we’re not enough The gift that Jesus offers is internal security because we are already enough in Jesus.

As we approach the day that we remember Jesus’s birth, take some time to think of how these elements of Jesus’ birth relate to your story. Ask the Holy Spirit to highlight people and opportunities to share. We would love to encourage you to: be patient, be open, and be prayerfully aware.

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