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The real reason you’re not able to share the gospel

Welcome to RealTalk by yesHEis! This episode we’re talking about the importance of knowing Jesus personally to be able to share Jesus authentically with others. Ever wondered how to share the Gospel in a real way? This series is all about that. We’re diving deep into how spending time with Jesus can help you share His love with others. Every episode, we’ll talk about how to feel filled with the Holy Spirit. We’ll also go over how reading the Bible can help us understand God’s Word better. The more we read, the more we know, and the better we can share! But, the most important thing is having a personal relationship with Jesus. So we’ll chat a lot about how to build and keep that close relationship with God. After all, the more we know Jesus, the better we can share Jesus! If you’ve ever wanted to be an evangelist, or just want to get better at evangelism, this series is a must-watch. We’re here to make it simple and show you how spending time with Jesus can make sharing the Gospel easier. So come on, join us in RealTalk. Let’s get to know Jesus better and learn how to share His love with the world!”

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