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Helping them know.

Together, we’re helping the world know Jesus.

Jesus said
“the harvest is great, but the workers are few”

It’s our mission to help Filipino Christians spread the good news of the Gospel.

Para sa mga nag-iisip na hindi sapat ang kanilang testimony, we’re helping them know.

Para sa mga hindi sigurado kung paano magsimula sa pag-share ng Gospel, we’re helping them know.

Para sa mga hindi pa nakarinig ng story ni Jesus, our movement of people are helping them know.

Together, we’re helping the world know Jesus.

Want to help people know Jesus?

Stories from our community

I’ve been evangelizing recently and sharing my testimony since the time I commented! People listen the most when they feel like they’re sincerely loved. I’ve never approached evangelizing like that before, and I see that it gives me a huge door to spread the true gospel without coming off like I’m just “checking a box”.

Instagram Korea

I invited a friend to my youth group and they had a great time! Afterwards, I checked in with them and had a friendly chat about Christianity, sharing the good news of the gospel briefly. It was a great opportunity to connect and share my faith.

Instagram Indonesia

Hey I would just like to say how grateful I am for your podcasts it has really been an eye opener of how easy you can make sharing the gospel keep up the good work!

Instagram Ukraine

Your posts are incredibly helpful to me and my family. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me and provide the words to share God’s gift when the time comes.

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Go deeper in your conversation

Let’s Plunge

Discover “Let’s Plunge”—a conversational card game that transforms small talk into conversations that matter. Navigating deep conversations and sharing Jesus with friends of differing worldviews can be hard. Let’s Plunge fosters a safe space for friends to share deeper about who they are and what they value. Find it in the Toolkit.

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